Create a Pollinators’ Paradise

Your garden may be small, or even confined to a balcony and a couple of window boxes. But with the right selection of plants you can make your outdoor space a pollinators’ paradise. There is a serious decline in insects such as bees and butterflies in the UK due to loss of habitat, disease and pesticide use. Why does it matter? Because many plants rely on insects for pollination. Honeybees alone pollinate around one third of the food crops we […]

Fun and fiery summer borders

>A quick post to share pictures of the garden belonging to Ron and Sue, my father/mother-in-law, which has some lovely combinations of plants in the borders at the moment. Hot colours, self-seeders and perennial favourites all combine to make an informal show, some with the backdrop of the summerhouse (very envious of this) and some surrounding the greenhouse (also envious of this!). Below the top lawn the garden falls away steeply down to a pond and beds at the bottom – I’ve just […]