Planting at the Olympic Park

  It’s only a few days since the Closing Ceremony, and I’d say there’s a fairly big O-shaped void in my life. The two weeks of the Olympic Games felt fantastic, whether watching from home or at the Olympic Park. I was lucky to have the chance to visit the Park a few times to see events. I had heard quite a bit about the planting before the Games started, not least from Sarah Price who was one of the […]

Create a Pollinators’ Paradise

Your garden may be small, or even confined to a balcony and a couple of window boxes. But with the right selection of plants you can make your outdoor space a pollinators’ paradise. There is a serious decline in insects such as bees and butterflies in the UK due to loss of habitat, disease and pesticide use. Why does it matter? Because many plants rely on insects for pollination. Honeybees alone pollinate around one third of the food crops we […]

The Kyoto Garden – a hidden London gem and winter inspiration for the garden

    It was really quite a dull January day by the time I walked through Holland Park in West London yesterday afternoon. The skies really had clouded over and in the trees in seemed quite dark. I had stopped by to have a look at the The Kyoto Garden, a japanese garden I had read about as one of London’s best ‘secret gardens’. I wasn’t disappointed – it is a hidden gem that is well worth a visit.

Starting close to home

>Where better to start my blog than in our own back yard at our flat in North London. It literally is a yard being entirely paved but we have created our own little haven there over the last two years. Gardening entirely using containers is a challenge and that’s a whole other blog subject in itself!  I just want to start with some uplifting pictures to show summer is on its way. In the last month our garden has burst into colour. I can pick out 3 plants which […]