Escaping a cold and rainy January afternoon

A bunch of bananas ripening on the plant

It’s a cold and rainy afternoon in January. I just can’t help letting my thoughts wander back to a mere four weeks ago when I was enjoying the warmer and sunnier climes of southern India. The temptation to write another blog post about the trip – wrapped up in the guise of a post about plants – is impossible to resist.

Indian Christmas #1 Ever wondered where your cuppa comes from?

We’ve all heard stories about the number of children who don’t know that carrots grow in the ground or that milk comes from cows. There is so much enthusiasm about growing your own but at the same time the vast majority of us are almost completely disconnected from how our food – and drink – is produced. On our recent (fantastic) trip to Kerala in South India I realised that there are plenty of food plants in my diet whose origins and cultivation I have a woefully […]