Escaping a cold and rainy January afternoon

A bunch of bananas ripening on the plant

It’s a cold and rainy afternoon in January. I just can’t help letting my thoughts wander back to a mere four weeks ago when I was enjoying the warmer and sunnier climes of southern India. The temptation to write another blog post about the trip – wrapped up in the guise of a post about plants – is impossible to resist.

Good enough to eat – West Dean Gardens

>Last month I did manage to visit one fantastic garden and on this grey, murky day I just thought I’d share some sunny photos of that day in October! West Dean Gardens are the grounds to West Dean College in West Sussex which is a renowned College offering post-graduate and short courses in various arts, crafts and garden design. The gardens include a wonderfully restored Victorian kitchen garden. That put it on the list for a visit as part of researching […]

Backyard haven

> I have been away on some adventures for the last few weeks and it’s high time I posted a bit about these experiences. I was lucky enough to spend two weeks in Brighton getting some very valuable work experience in the studio of designer Andy Sturgeon His work is high-end and of exceptional quality, right to the very last detail of landscaping and planting. I worked on planting plans, researched design elements and styles, and rapidly improved my computer drawing skills on Vectorworks. Last week I spent 5 wonderful […]

We will grow food!

> Easter holidays are over and I have lots of ideas of topics to blog about! The first is one that is very close to home: our very own Ladder Allotment. To be honest, we haven’t really ventured into the world of Grow Your Own in our patio garden so far, apart from a few herbs. Our focus has been getting to grips with container gardening for flowering shrubs and perennials. But now we have no excuses because we’re the proud owners of an […]