A few highlights from Hampton Court Flower Show

> Term has finished, I am now in Brighton doing some work experience and have found a bit of time to look through the masses of photos I took at Hampton Court Flower Show. Here are some highlights, particularly from the small gardens which provide great sources of inspiration: This is the Burgeon & Ball 5-a-day garden, basically masses of fruit and veg crammed into a tiny garden in lots of innovative ways. I rather liked the table centre salad and edible flowers […]

Bits and pieces – our garden, Chelsea and Hampton Court

I have emerged from project madness – this one was a primary school garden in Wimbledon and it has consumed my life for the last couple of weeks. We had to present our work at the school where it was judged by hundreds of 5-11 year olds! They don’t hold back, that’s for sure. Anyway, now I’m done and giving myself the morning off, I thought I would just put a few bits and pieces here that I’ve been meaning to add for a while.   […]