Planting Design

  • initial meeting and garden assessment

I will visit you at home to talk about what help you need with planting and to assess the areas of your garden you would like to improve. This is a chance for me to get to know you and your garden. I can get an idea of your preferences for plants, colours, styles etc and assess how I can best tailor my services to your needs.

  • planting ideas and planting plans

You may simply want some suggestions of plants you can use in specific locations in your garden which will suit the conditions there and create a particular effect. If would like more guidance on planting locations and planting combinations, I will create planting plans showing the exact position, size and quantity of each plant required. It may be that new plants are to be arranged around some existing ones, or that existing ones will be relocated. All this detail will be shown on the plan. At the heart of designing with plants is the principle “right plant, right place” and I will always research and arrange plants to create year round interest with this in mind.

  • plant supply and planting

Specialist plant nurseries are the best place to obtain high quality plants at good value. I use a few selected nurseries, depending on the location and the plants needed, and I am able to source and arrange delivery of the plants you require. I will then set out the plant in accordance with the planting plan and plant them.

  • maintenance

I can help you maximise the potential of your new garden by providing you with a maintenance schedule. It will provide a month by month guide so you can keep your garden looking at its best throughout the year. If you would like help with maintaining your garden, I can help you directly or introduce you to local expert gardeners who can assist you.