The Design Process

  • initial consultation

I will come to your home to have an initial discussion. This meeting is a chance for me to get to know you and your garden. I will talk you through the design process, find out about what you want to achieve, and take a first look around your garden. After this meeting I will write to you with a proposal and if you are happy to go ahead, I will prepare a detailed brief for your agreement

  • survey

I visit you again to gather all the detailed information I need to start creating a design. I will carry out a measured site survey, test the soil, analyse the site for features such as its aspect, drainage, boundaries and access, and plot existing plants and features to be retained.

  • outline proposals

Now the creativity can begin! I create a concept for your garden design and produce an outline plan and design sketches for discussion with you. These drawings will help you visualise the proposed layout once the garden is completed.

  • masterplan

A detailed finished plan is prepared once the outline proposals are agreed. This plan will show in detail the hard and soft landscaping, materials, features, planting areas and levels. Construction drawings for design details such as in-built seating, steps, pergolas or water features can be prepared at this stage if required.

  • planting plan

I create planting plans showing the exact position, size and quantity of each plant required. At the heart of designing with plants is the principle “right plant, right place” and I will always research and arrange plants to create year round interest with this in mind.







Once the garden design plans are complete, I can provide additional services to see your project through to completion:

  • source quotations

I am able to obtain quotations from specialist landscape contractors and in many cases the detailed notes I attach to the masterplan can be used as a basis to do this. Some clients have a contractor in mind but I do recommend using specialists in landscaping to ensure that the garden design is constructed to a high standard.

  • project monitoring

I can offer project monitoring during the landscape construction phase to ensure that the project is completed smoothly.

  • plant supply and planting

Specialist plant nurseries are the best place to obtain high quality plants at good value. I use a few selected nurseries, depending on the location and the plants needed, and I am able to source and arrange delivery of the plants you require. I will then set out the plant in accordance with the planting plan and plant them.

  • aftercare

Your finished garden is only the beginning! I can help you maximise the potential of your new garden by providing you with a maintenance schedule. It will provide a month by month guide so you can keep your garden looking at its best throughout the year. If you would like help with maintaining your garden, I can help you directly or introduce you to local expert gardeners who can. As your garden matures and changes, I will stay in touch and visit to offer on going advice as you need it.