Family Garden

Clients in Finsbury Park, north London, asked me to design a new family garden to complement their newly renovated large terraced home. The design divides the long garden into 3 sections and provides distinct areas for different features:

  • interlocking circular lawns edged with paths and planting beds stocked with easily manageable shrubs and perennials.
  • an area for features such as a greenhouse and raised beds, all divided visually and physically from the house by screening and an archway at the rear of the lawns
  • a rear area equipped with trampoline and play area for the children, as well as a large shed for storage. New fencing and planting are also part of this design

Construction is being carried out in stages to work sensibly with the family’s long trips abroad and the outstanding works on the house. Phase 1 was completed in Autumn 2012 and involved clearance and implementation of works to the rear of the garden. Phase 2, which will comprise laying out the rest of the garden is schedule for Autumn 2013 with a view to completing planting in Spring 2014.

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